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LMRA is a not-for profit association dedicated to preserving, promoting, and enhancing the quality of life in Lower Milford Township. We are not associated with any government, or corporate entity. We believe that a well informed resident when cooperating with other residents is the most powerful way to ensure a great Township to live in.


We need your support to continue fighting for our quality of life. This year will be critical in our fight with Geryville Materials as they litigate the remaining Zoning Board Hearing and appeal the local decisions to the courts.

Renewing membership or joining early in the year, helps us plan our strategy for the remainder of the year

If you have not renewed or joined please consider doing so.

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Help us fight for Lower Milford Township.

You can help with fundraisers, programs, publicity, and leadership.Sign up here to help LMRA. Spend as much time as you would like.

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Renew Membership or Join Us

logoLMRA is working to ensure that Lower Milford Township maintains is excellent quality of life. To meet that end, we need both financial and volunteer resources. We ask you to consider renewing your membership or join LMRA early so that we can better plan our strategy for the year.

Geryville Materials has been try to develop a quarry at West Mill Hill and Kings Highway for over a decade. Only one application for an 86+ quarry remains before the Zoning Hearing Board. This year should be especially important in getting this matter resoved at the Zoning Board level and the subsequent legal challenges.It is essential that we provide the necessary resources to protect the rights of our residents.


You can help by renewing your membership or joining us by filling out the membership form available here, or by filling out the form on our website

LMRA has provided manpower resources by voluteer work by its members and other friends. If you would like to help, please fill out the form available here or download the volunteer form and send it to us. We need help in a variety of areas. The time and amount of effort is up to you. By filling out the forms, we will have a pool of people that we can draw on when we start a specific project.<

We have successfull fought Geryville Materials for over a decade. This could be the last and most critical year to resolve this matter. Please help us preserve Lower Milford Township as the Crown Jewel of Lehigh Valley!


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