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LMRA is a not-for profit association dedicated to preserving, promoting, and enhancing the quality of life in Lower Milford Township. We are not associated with any government, or corporate entity. We believe that a well informed resident when cooperating with other residents is the most powerful way to ensure a great Township to live in.

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We need your support to continue fighting for our quality of life. This year will be critical in our fight with Geryville Materials as they litigate the remaining Zoning Board Hearing and appeal the local decisions to the courts.

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False Insinuations by Gail Hunsberger Completely False

After the primary, Gail Hunsberger, winner of the Republican primary for Township Supervisor, filed a complaint with the Lehigh County Office Board of Elections against the LMRA for alleged illegal political activity. The charges were false and we received a letter from the Lehigh County Board of Elections completely vindicating us of the spurious charges. The charges were untrue and unfounded! Included in the complaint against the LMRA, there was also a complaint filed against the Township. At our urging, the Board of Elections notified the Township of the serious unfounded and untrue accusations against the Township.

When the LMRA became a 501(C)3 organization, our organization was specifically precluded from engaging in politics. We became a 501(c)3 so we would be recognized as a group that represents ALL residents who are concerned with the health, safety & welfare of their families and the preservation of Lower Milford's rural environment and property values. Becoming a non-profit, non-political organization was something we hoped would preclude spurious attacks such as these on our members, so we could focus on the issues that would preserve  LMT as the "Jewel of the Lehigh Valley".

The LMRA does not support or endorse any candidate for any position whether it be national, state, county or local. We encourage ALL residents to examine the issues so they can be informed as to which candidates will best serve their hopes and wishes for their families and community. We hope our residents  will communicate with each other and the candidates to make an informed decision. However, the LMRA will not tolerate anyone insinuating that the LMRA endorses or supports any specific candidate. 

Hosensack Deserves an Upgrade

  • Hosensack Creek

    A pristine creek flowing through Lower Milford Township

 The Hosensack Creek begins primarily in Lower Milford Township but includes headwaters areas in Upper Milford Township and a named tributary, Indian Creek, that also rise in Upper Milford Township, Lehigh County. The Hosensack Creek passes through a short section of Upper Hanover Township in Montgomery County before it joins the Perkiomen Creek at the village of Palm.

Available data indicates that the Hosensack Creek’s water quality is excellent, perhaps the best within the entire Perkiomen Creek watershed. The aquatic insect research completed by Stroud indicates good water quality. At present, Hosensack Creek is rated as cold water fishes, the third highest categorization in the Pennsylvania code on water quality standards. In February 2008, a petition was submitted to the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection to designate the entire Perkiomen Watershed,  including the Hosensack Creek as Exceptional Quality, the highest designation. DEP conducted their own tests and confirmed the data in the petition that showed the water quality was exceptional. However, they have not yet acted on the petition. Approval of the petition to upgrade the quality of Hosensack Creek is important because:

  • It preserves the water quality of Hosensack Creek. It prevents dumping of contaminants into the stream which could degrade the quality of the stream.
  • It requires the people who use the creek or who live adjacent to the creek to maintain "best practices" to preserve the creek. This does not require a substantial investment, but only some careful planning procedures for farming, development, and potential land use in the area.
  • It opens up significant new funding sources for restoring and protecting the stream.
Maintaining Hosensack Creek at the highest possible standards is important because it protects the wetlands and our eco-diverse environment. It ensures that future growth in our Township observes best practices to protect this environmental diversity. Ultimately, the quality of life we have come to expect will be protected only if the quality of our streams and the Perkiomen Watershed is preserved.


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