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LMRA is a not-for profit association dedicated to preserving, promoting, and enhancing the quality of life in Lower Milford Township. We are not associated with any government, or corporate entity. We believe that a well informed resident when cooperating with other residents is the most powerful way to ensure a great Township to live in.

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We need your support to continue fighting for our quality of life. This year will be critical in our fight with Geryville Materials as they litigate the remaining Zoning Board Hearing and appeal the local decisions to the courts.

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Lower Milford TownshipLower Milford Township is a the most southern of the municipalities of Lehigh County. It is 12620 acres (19.72 square miles) in size.  It is a primarily a rural area consisting of farmland interspersed with five villages, Dillingersville, Hosensack, Limeport, Kraussdale, and Corning. Limeport has the highest concentration of homes, and shops. It also is the home of Limeport Stadium, the oldest stadium in Pennsylvania.

The populagtion of Lower Milford Township in 2010 was 3766. Over the past decade the population grew about 0.4%/year (4,1% over the decade). Nearly a third of the population are of German ancestry. Another 12% are IrishEnglish, Polish, and Italian ancestry are each in the 5-9% range.

In 2010, the median age was 45 years.The age distribution of the residents was

25% under the age of 19, 

4.7% from 19 to 24,

20.3% from 25 to 44,

36% from 45 to 64, and

14% who were 65 years of age or older.

In 2000, the median age was 40. Overall, Lower Milford Township has an aging population. In 2000, 11.5% of the population was over 65. In 2010, the over 65 population grew to 14.1%.

There were 1417 housing units. The number of housing units grew at a rate of approximatelyt 0.8%/yr over the past decade.

The median family income is $81,464. The median earnings for an individual worker is $41,297. This is significantly above the Pennsylvania and national medians.

Southern Leghigh School District provides public education for Upper Saucon Township, Coopersburg, and Lower Milford TownshipLower Milford Elementary School serves the Township's children in Grade K-5, Southern Lehigh Intermediate School for Grades 4-6, Southern Lehigh Middle School for Grades 6-9, and Southern Lehigh High School for Grades 10-12.

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